Innovation and speed , is the service objective of the international logistics industry, and it is also the inspiration for TREESPEED’s establishment. As a branch of UNICARGO ISRAEL in China, referring to WWW.UNICARGO.COM/UNICARGO CHINA for the website, our company has been active in various port cities across the country, and our business scope has extended to the entire United States across the ocean.
    Under the situation of accelerating global economic integration and rapid development of high technology, the new economy represented by e-commerce has gradually developed into a brand-new operation mode and business model, which has become an important driving force for economic growth and also triggered the most extensive and profound change in the economic field since the industrial revolution. With the popularization of information technology and the development of e-commerce, while realizing the rapid transformation from traditional logistics to modern logistics, the logistics industry has also been mentioned at an unprecedented height, showing its important role and strategic position in social and economic development.

    How to survive and grow in the ever-changing international business and trade environment, how to stand out from the traditional logistics service, how to resound under the global economic downturn, those are the problems for all new young logistics companies to face and learn from. Fortunately, we’ve already had the solution to cope with the problem, which is the corporation culture of Shuxun --- using innovation and professionalism to achieve a win-win situation.

    Treespeed International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., established in 2015, we are young, our employees have been in the international logistics industry for many years, today we are together in Shuxun, because we love logistics.