Logistics value-added services refer to various extended business activities provided according to customer needs on the basis of completing the basic functions of logistics. Its purpose is to increase the convenience of operation, speed up the reaction speed of each link, extend international logistics and reduce transportation costs.
The smooth operation of the international transport section of an international freight forwarder depends on a series of professional, immediate, accurate and reasonable additional services in the country of origin and destination.
What we are “playing”:
---According to professional experience, give reasonable suggestions on making customs declaration documents and increase the rate of customs clearance
---Providing warehousing services, including trucking, labeling and checking goods, to reduce the final inventory cost for customers, and flexible partial transportation at a reasonable time, so as to achieve the optimal allocation of costs;
---Real-time update system, to give customers visibility of the real-time status of goods, including pick-up, customs clearance, take-off/sail, arrival, customs clearance, delivery, through APP or message push.