nternational airfreight  is a modern form of international transportation. It is a form of transport in which transnational air carriers carry out the whole air transport between two countries (regions) and assume the responsibility of transportation.
When many uncertainties in maritime transport plague buyers and sellers in international trade, even the high cost of air transport is still popular for bringing calculable final revenue.
What we are “playing”:
--- Understand customer terminal needs and arrival deadlines, and start planning programs;
Choose the best port of departure, airlines and the lowest cost allocation within the transit time requirement.
--- Providing inland truck services, starting at the gate point, for transshipment to the "Best/cheapest Port" but not the “Nearest Port”
---According to the weight and volume of the goods, the reasonable combination of reboaming can save the cost of each kilogram for customers.
---Tracking every transshipment point of air transport, two-way connection to the final destination port
---Seamlessly connect with foreign agents to clear customs and send them to the final gate until the goods are safely signed and accepted.