Seafreight transportation is a natural waterway, without the need for additional investment like airport railway, and port facilities are mostly built by the government. Seafreight transport service industry can greatly save these huge infrastructure costs, coupled with the large volume of ships and long transportation distance. Therefore, the transportation cost of seafreight is nearly 1/5 of that of railway transport. 1/10 of road transportation and 1/30 of air transportation.

At present, more than two-thirds of the total international trade volume and about 90% of China's total import and export freight volume are transported by sea. Seafreight has changed the world enormously.
What we are “playing”:
--- Understand customer terminal needs and arrival deadlines, and start planning programs;
--- Calculate the difference between land price and shipping cost at major ports in the country, and determine the best port of departure.
---The best mode of transportation is determined according to the total volume of the goods and all transportation costs of the whole container and the whole section.
---Monitor the packing of customers and agents to ensure that the maximum quantity of goods is packed at the same cost.
---Keep an eye on the latest information in the port area to ensure that containers are on board immediately until they leave the port smoothly.
--- Seamlessly connect with foreign agents for customs clearance and dispatch to the final gate until the goods are safely signed and received.