International railway transport is a major mode of transport in international trade, which is second only to maritime transport. Its greatest advantage is that the volume of transport is larger, the speed is faster, the risk of transport is significantly less than that of marine transport, and it can maintain punctual operation all the year round.
With the opening and operation of the Central European Railway Network, a new "Silk Road Economic Belt" has been constructed. Through Central Asia to connect Europe, China is building a new pattern of "East-West Mutual Progress".
What we are “ playing”:
---Understand the nature of the departure station and see that there is no limit to the goods you want to consign.
-- Declaration plan. There are two forms of declaration plan, one is monthly plan, the other is daily plan.
---Apply for goods space and approve purchase
Report the request vehicle, extract the empty skin, supervise the loading, arrange the quantity of the packed goods quickly, safely and reasonably.
--- After the vehicle is loaded, the railway transport department contacts the trailer in time to make the goods arrive at the station as soon as possible.