Domestic highway transportation network is generally more than ten times denser than railway, water network is also widely distributed, so road transportation vehicles can be "everywhere, from time to time". Highway transportation is also more flexible in terms of time. Vehicles can be dispatched and shipped at any time, and the connecting time between various links is shorter. Highway transportation has a strong adaptability to the amount of freight, and the load tonnage of automobiles ranges from 0.25 to 250 tons.
What we are “playing”:
---Business involves every remote area, town, township, village, arrival on time, mission must be achieved;
--- Contact local pick-up drivers by direct real-time Wechat or mobile phone, keep an eye on the status of the goods, and assist customers in loading until the goods are lifted off.
---GPS traces the real-time orientation of trucks, gives customers the most accurate location information, and makes the most accurate and reasonable prediction for arrival time.
---Every driver is familiar with the delivery and warehousing procedures of major national warehouses for maritime and air transport supervision, queuing patiently, discharging in an orderly manner, entering warehouses promptly and paying in advance until the goods are safely delivered to the warehouse.
---Be the best paver and stepping stone in the front section of international transportation.