With the low-speed growth of the global economy, the development of China's foreign trade has entered a new normal stage of development. At the same time, the rapid development of e-commerce in China not only promotes the growth of consumption demand and the upgrading of traditional industries, but also improves the core competitiveness of enterprises. As an important branch of e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce plays an important role in China's foreign trade.

FBA is the abbreviation of Fulfillment by Amazon, which is simply understood as Amazon Delivery Service. FBA first journey refers to the transfer of the seller's goods from China to the designated Amazon warehouses in Germany, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Japan and other countries by air/express/sea transportation, and the provision of corresponding value-added services to help the sellers who use the FBA service of Amazon's global store-opening project to transport the goods from China to the United States. Amazon warehouse services in the United Kingdom and China.
Since 2014, Tree-speed has taken the lead in contacting cross-border e-commerce logistics, especially Amazon's first journey of transshipment and delivery.
What we are “playing”
--- Providing more convenient import and export proposals and customs clearance for private buyers and sellers
--- Suggest sellers to issue necessary destination country customs clearance documents before delivery, so as to avoid further serious customs clearance problems.
- Provide service of  overseas warehousing, labeling and withdrawal services to the seller's latest Amazon warehouse policy.
---The quickest Amazon warehouse reservation to ensure timely delivery of goods after customs clearance to avoid storage costs in the port area
---100% self-made company air + delivery; sea + delivery products, self-clearance, to ensure the safety of self-service customers clearance.